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      Human Resources

      Talent Concept

      Choose people without sticking to one pattern, make good use of their talents, treat people for mutual benefit, and educate people with both virtue and talent

      Talents are the first capital of enterprise development. We strive to build a platform for growth and development for every employee and provide space to display their talents.

      employee training

      The company establishes a sound employee training system and builds a career development platformAccording to the needs, the talent training policy of "mainly training internally, supplemented by external recruitment" Let employees clarify the direction of development, improve their overall quality, and optimize the structure of human resources

      Latest Jobs

      Talent is the first resource of an enterprise, and excellent talents are a powerful driving force for the rapid development of an enterprise and the realization of strategic goals.
      We provide excellent opportunities and are committed to building an elite team.
      We sincerely invite you to join Dongfang Shenghong.

      Recruitment Tel:0512-63527639 Recruitment Email:shaofeng.shi@jsessh.com
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