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      Jiangsu Reborn Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “REBORN”) was established in 2020. Guided by the global goals of "Emission Peak" and "Carbon Neutrality", REBORN is committed to become a "global core supplier of recycled fiber". It is a key project for the extension of the low-carbon & green industrial layout of parent company: Shenghong group, one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises.

      Relying on the strong scientific research and innovation ability of Shenghong group, REBORN has fixed a series of technical problems such as polymer viscosity eveness, massive flake to direct spinning of recycle, long-term stable polymer operation, etc. Meanwhile, REBORN together with CCFA, MIIT China, SAMR China, launched the STCP(Sustainable Textile Credible Platform) based on block chain technology for the whole recycle industry chain, to support the whole recycle industry for PLM(Product Lifecycle Management), traceability, and completely transparent supply chain information for brands and consumers.

      REBORN is processing the recycle project with 250,000 tons of annual capacity. It has developed multiple recycle products with advanced quality such as elastic, cationic, full dull, antibacterial, quick dry, flame retardant and etc. Those are widely used in different fields such as clothing, home textiles, transportation, national defense and aviation.

      REBORN runs the construction of intelligent digital factory through the whole process of operation and management, such as advanced intelligent automatic doffing and loading equipment, as well as Automatic Storage & Retrieval System, intelligent logistics system. Based on the "Hong Cloud" of Industrial Internet Platform with comprehensive interconnection, intelligent control, safety and reliability, through 5G, all the data would be fully supporting the R&D, production, inspection, testing, storage and logistics.

      REBORN keeps participating in sustainable activities, it signed the Zero Carbon Action Agreement of China Fiber with CCFA at the 27th China International Chemical fiber conference. It is the first fiber enterprise in the world to practice zero carbon action. REBORN is using green electricity by 100% photovoltaic in the plant. Moreover, REBORN could use more than 17.5 billion waste plastic bottles a year. We try to be at the forefront of environmental protection and the wellbeing of everyone, fostering human comfort and wellness for future generations to come.


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