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      Industrial Structure


      Under the premise that the main industrial scale of refining segment of Eastern Shenghong is “16,000,000 tons of crude oil, 2,800,000 tons of PX and 1,100,000 tons of ethylene per year” remain unchanged...

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      Petrochemical segment company of Eastern Shenghong is located in the East, Middle and West Regional Cooperation Demonstration Area of China, and the planning area of industrial park is about 15 square kilometers...

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      Chemical fiber

      Chemical fiber segment of Eastern Shenghong adheres to the innovative ideas of “no repeated construction, no conventional products and no conventional production technology”, and focuses on the mid-to-high end of the industry chain...

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      Energy segment of Eastern Shenghong owns a complete thermal power production and supply system, adheres to the work policy of “safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment”, and uses the combined heat and power generation...

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      The core business district in charge by the Market Operation and Management Department is the birthplace of China Eastern Silk Market, where is located in the center of the market with Wenzhou commercial district, boutique business district...

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